About North East Florida Pool Service

Welcome to the Sparkle Water Treatment System administered by NEF Pool Service, the leaders in safe and clean water for residential and commercial swimming pool service. Established in 1987, NEF Pool Service has brought peace of mind to thousands of First Coast pool owners by creating a safe and sanitary swimming pool environment.

How Our Service Works:
We service 50 weeks annually. A service professional will come out to your house or commercial pool on the same day each week at about the same time of day. We will test your water and add all the necessary chemicals to properly balance your pool. Depending on which service level you choose, we will perform all of our cleaning requirements and leave your pool clear and clean.


What Our Service Includes:

  • Maintaining your pool chemistry balance year-round
  • Salt water pool specialists
  • Security screened, licensed and insured technicians
  • The cost of weekly chemicals and labor
  • Eliminating the need to store chemicals at your home
  • Safe chemicals for all pools
  • Weekly testing, treatment, cleaning and maintenance
  • service gaurantee

What sets us apart from the rest? Everything!

We Are Proud To Be Affiliated With The Following


Meet Our Team!

<center>Jordan Blasko</center>

Jordan Blasko

Business Manager

Employed since 2012

<center>Tom Walker</center>

Tom Walker

Marketing and Service Manager

Employed since 2014

<center>Eric Belanger</center>

Eric Belanger

Repair Manager

Employed since 2010

<center>Alex Miller</center>

Alex Miller

Commercial Manager

<center>Mitch Kammer</center>

Mitch Kammer

Service Technician

<center>Bobby Bethune</center>

Bobby Bethune

Service Technician

<center>Chris Hubbard</center>

Chris Hubbard

Service Technician

<center>Mike Yarber</center>

Mike Yarber

Service Technician

<center>Chris Lee</center>

Chris Lee

Service Technician

<center>Dakota Graves</center>

Dakota Graves

Service Technician

<center>Simon Gutierrez</center>

Simon Gutierrez

Service Technician

<center>Will Whittington</center>

Will Whittington

Service Technician

<center>Eric Vega</center>

Eric Vega

Service Technician

<center>Jeff Langston</center>

Jeff Langston

Service Technician


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